Buckler Boots created:

The Hard As Nails collection: the UK’s first full range of safety footwear fitted with anti-penetration midsoles.

BBZ6000: the first European S5 standard neoprene/rubber safety boot.

Buckflex: the design feature which made dealer boots easy to put on/ take off and described as the built in shoehorn.

Hybridz: the breakthrough safety boot style which combines the convenience of a dealer boot with the adjustment of a lace boot.

And now...

Buckz Viz: the eye-catching collection of high visibility safety boots which takes wearer safety to new heights. Whichever way you look at Buckz Viz you see safety boot styles clearly laden with safety, performance, weight saving and comfort features all at great value price points and with a visual impact rarely if ever seen in safety footwear before.

The specification includes EN safety yellow and orange in water resistant renowned Cordura® in combination with Buckler Boots core components: cowhide leather and rubber outsoles.

These are outstanding products and we are proud to add Buckz Viz to the Buckler Boots innovations role of honour.